My Favorite African Artist: Joseph Michael

My Favorite African Artist: Joseph Michael


Welcome to the land of Joseph Michael, an artist from Kenya. The leader of the pack, he’s everywhere, playing live shows and releasing new music by the second. He’s got a million and one fans who are constantly following his every move. If you’re interested in finding out more about this prolific musician, read on!

Welcome to the land of Joseph Michael

Welcome to the land of Joseph Michael. If you’re unfamiliar with his music, it’s time to get acquainted. The Kenyan artist has been active since the early 2000s and has released over 20 albums during his career so far–including a new one called The Lion King: Africa Has Talent (2019).

He’s known for both his art and music; he paints portraits in oil on canvas as well as sculptures using bronze or aluminum wire mesh. His work has been featured in several exhibitions across Africa, including at the National Museum of Kenya where he was selected as one of the country’s most prominent contemporary artists by president Uhuru Kenyatta himself!

The leader of the pack

Joseph Michael is a Kenyan artist and one of the most successful in Africa. He has won many awards and is widely recognized for his paintings, sculptures, murals and installations.

The leader of the pack

He’s everywhere

Joseph Michael is a Kenyan artist who is best known for his music, acting and producing. The multi-talented artist has been in the industry for over 10 years and has worked with many big names including Wizkid, Davido and Tiwa Savage.

He’s everywhere!

What does he do?

You may not know Joseph Michael by name, but you’ve probably heard his music. The South African singer, songwriter and producer has released four albums over the past decade: “The Journey” (2013), “Eyes on the Prize” (2017), “Encircled” (2019) and most recently “The Voice”.

Michael’s songs are often featured in popular television shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Quantico. But perhaps more importantly than having his music played alongside Hollywood’s biggest stars is how he uses his platform to shed light on social issues affecting Africans today–and this is why I love him so much!

Meet Joseph Michael, an artist from Kenya

Joseph Michael is a Kenyan artist. He’s an actor, dancer and singer who founded the Joseph Michael Dance Company in 2008. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Nairobi and went on to graduate from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA).

In addition to his work as an artist, he has also appeared in several movies including How To Steal 2 Million Dollars and The Last King Of Scotland where he played Amin’s personal bodyguard.


Joseph Michael is a talented artist who has made a name for himself in Kenya and around the world. He has created many different types of art, including paintings, sculptures and even music videos. Some of his most famous works include “Lion Heart”, “The Elephant” and “The Leader”. If you’re looking for something special to hang on your wall or give as a gift then Joseph Michael is the perfect choice!