Americans Eat Food Differently Around The U.S. Here’s Why

Americans Eat Food Differently Around The U.S. Here’s Why


Americans have a great love for food, but we don’t always agree on what that food should look like. That’s especially true when it comes to regional favorites. Many of our most iconic dishes—lasagna, hamburgers, fried chicken—all come from specific regions across the country. But while there are some key differences between how people eat in certain areas versus others (it’s no secret that New Yorkers love their bagels), I was surprised to learn how much more nuanced those differences can be!

The South

Southern food is known for its fried chicken, sweet tea, and biscuits. It’s also known for its high fat content and heavy use of sugar. In the South you’ll find comfort dishes like macaroni and cheese or fried okra served alongside collard greens with ham hocks.

The Midwest

Midwesterners are known for their love of meat, potatoes and gravy. They are also known as people who love sweet corn. If you’re ever in the Midwest and you want to try something new, try their baked goods!

Midwesterners eat a lot of pork because it’s cheap and easy to raise on large farms.

The Northeast

The Northeast is home to a large Italian population and you’ll often find traditional dishes like lasagna and pizza on menus. Seafood is also popular in this region, with New England known for its lobster rolls and Maine as the birthplace of clam chowder. Philly Cheesesteaks are also popular here because of their proximity to Pennsylvania, where they originated.

The Southwest

Southwestern cuisine is influenced by Native American and Mexican food. This style of cooking is known for its use of chiles, corn, beans, and tortillas. It’s also very spicy! The main course is often served in a bowl or on a plate.

Americans eat food very differently around the United States

The United States is a country of diverse cultures and traditions. This can be seen in the way that Americans eat food, which varies drastically from region to region. In the South, barbeque is king; in the Midwest it’s meatloaf with mashed potatoes; and on New England’s coast there are lobsters rolls and clam chowder on every menu.

Americans have their own unique ways of preparing dishes from around the world as well as their own signature recipes–and these vary even more depending on where you live!


In conclusion, Americans eat food very differently around the United States. It’s important to remember that there isn’t just one way of eating or doing things in this country. There are so many different cultures and traditions that make up our melting pot–and those differences can be seen in everything from the types of foods we eat to how they’re prepared!